Southport Chimney Sweep
Southport Chimney Sweep
Serious About Soot - Chimney Sweep Services Southport and surrounding areas. Clean, Reliable, Friendly and Professional service. Call on 07811151230.
Serious About Soot - Chimney Sweep ServicesSouthport and surrounding areas.Clean, Reliable, Friendly and Professional service.Call on 07811151230. 

Chimney Sweeping Process

Is having your chimney cleaned messy?


Modern chimney sweeping is a very clean process where the fireplace or stove is completely sealed off using robust linen covers. An industrial vacuum cleaner is used to ensure no dust escapes into the room where the fire appliance is situated.


Rods are inserted through a special 'elephant’s trunk' flap sewn into the linen sheets that seal off the fireplace and this ‘elephant’s trunk’ also helps to prevent dust and soot escaping into the room.


The immediate floor area in front of the fireplace or stove (approx. 6 foot by 6 foot) is covered with sheets to protect carpets / flooring.


The sweeping process.


* I usually need to allow three quarters to an hour per chimney (sometimes longer).

* I provide an external visual inspection (with binoculars) of the stack to be swept to ensure it, the chimney pot, any cowlings fitted and lead or mortar flashings remain in a safe condition.

* I will need room to bring in equipment, so the area in front of the fire needs to be cleared, ideally allowing an area of 6 foot by 6 foot.

* Sometimes the chimney can be swept through an external hatch (if you have one) on the outside of the chimney breast. It will still be necessary to have access to the inside of the property to seal off the fireplace/stove to ensure that no dust / soot enters the room during the sweep.

* I will place sheets in front of and over the fire appliance to protect the room & its contents from dust. However, if soft furnishings or delicate objects are close to the fireplace, I ask that you cover these or remove them for safety before I arrive.

* There is no need to cover furniture or surfaces as virtually no dust is produced during the sweep process. However, feel free to do so if you wish.

* An electrical socket will be required to provide power to the industrial vacuum cleaner.

* The chimney flue and fire appliance are then fully swept & vacuum cleaned.

* I would appreciate it if any partly burnt coals or wood are removed from the fire appliance / grate before I arrive.

* I will leave the fireplace and chimney flue clear, clean and safe to use.

* On completion of the sweep I carry out a smoke draw test to every chimney swept. The smoke draw test involves the lighting of a smoke pellet that is placed within the fireplace or stove. If all is well the smoke should be seen to rise freely and with speed up the chimney and escape into the outside atmosphere through the chimney pot, with no smoke entering the room.

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